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Our qualified staff have a wealth of experience and combined have been  in the funeral industry of over 50 years. We can gently guide you and your family through all aspects of the funeral process.
 Someone in your family or close to you has died or you are searching for answers to some questions you may have
 "What do I do now" is often the first question asked.
In the first instance, you may find it easier to make contact with any one of our team at:
 Purely Cremations & Simple Burials on 0800 882 123
We are available 24 hours a day, allow us to help you along your journey, every day of the year, and we ask that you call us and allow us to assist you and guide you through the process.
Purely Cremations & Simple Burials is a funeral brand that offers professional, efficient and dignified care.
Purely Cremations & Simple Burials was established as a result of many families wanting a cost conscious option that was clear honest and had no hidden costs.
All our plans show exactly what services are provided. We are always willing to discuss all options, obligation-free and can advise you on all funeral care matters.