Pre Arranging a Funeral

Pre-Arranging a Funeral

Pre-arranging for your funeral may seem like a difficult task, but like making a Will, the ideal time to make these plans is well beforehand, when wise choices can be made without worry or stress.

Pre-arranging a funeral lets you record your wishes, and this allows your family to carry out these wishes when the time comes.

The simplest type of pre-arranged funeral is to record where a service is to be held and whether a burial or cremation is desired. However, most people choose to provide more detailed information to help their family with decisions such as:

  • Personalised service sheets
  • Memorial book to record attendance at the service
  • Reception facilities and catering requirements
  • Audio, video, or DVD recording of the service
  • Visual tribute presentation
  • Content of the death notice and its insertion in the relevant newspapers
  • Monumental advice with headstones or plaques.

The Lychway’s pre-planned funeral scheme offers a unique opportunity to plan your funeral exactly as you want it. Not only does this ensure that your wishes are carried out, it also eases the stress on your loved ones. Knowing your exact wishes can help ease the grief of bereavement for your family.

The completed pre-arrangement form (below) can be kept by you or a family member. A copy can also be given to your solicitor and a further copy kept in our Company’s funeral pre-arrangement file. The Pre-arrangement of Funeral Services makes clear your preferences about your funeral including:

Your choice to use our company

Ensures your wishes are respected

Your church affiliation

Makes it easy for you to clearly express your wishes, right down to flowers and music you would like

Your wishes as to burial or cremation and, in the case of the latter, as to the placement of your ashes

The venue for your funeral service

Details of a cemetery plot which is already owned or your choice of cemetery where a plot is to be purchased

Details of organisations, professional societies, clubs, etc., which must be specifically notified of the funeral details

Specific wishes are important to you e.g. pall-bearers, music, photo tribute, readings, etc.

There may also be things that you definitely don’t want at your funeral and these can be made known.

Pre-arrangement Form