Memorials & Headstones

Memorials & Headstones

A headstone or memorial can be a significant link to the deceased. Somewhere to go, to relate to the person you grieve for, a place of remembrance.

The headstone, in memory of the deceased, can be either elaborate or simple. The passing of their life becomes a permanent record carved in stone.

A headstone, with imagination, can be something quite unique, however, the design must fit within the rules of the cemetery it is to be installed in. The inscription on the headstone usually states the name of the deceased including their nickname, their date of birth and death and also any close family member’s names and their relationship to the deceased. The addition of art work, poetry, a prayer, religious symbols or a ceramic photograph can also be included on the memorial.

With the aid of computer technology quality imagery such as photos of favourite places, special or favourite flowers, occupations, sporting interests, fine detailed logos or family crests are now possible.

Why granite?  Because it will stand the test of time. The inscriptions sand blasted into the stone may fade over time, however, these can be easily brought back to look like new again. With careful planning, a partner's inscription can be added to a granite memorial at a later date.

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